At the Men’s World Championship in 2019 we want to invite fans even closer and open up the possibility of being co-creators of a very significant character in the championship, the mascot.

This is possible with crowdsourcing. Instead of us drawing the mascot we would love to get ideas and inspiration from a crowd of fans around the world and we believe that generated content from the fans will be superior.

The mascot at any Championship is a significant character that spreads joy and brings smiles on our faces when engaging younger as well as older fans and warming up the audience in- and outside of the arenas.

The simple principle behind crowdsourcing is that more heads are better than one. The word is a combination of the word “crowd” and “outsourcing”. There are many dedicated handball fans around the world, in all ages and with different creative skills.

You don’t have to be a professional drawer. The important thing is that you understand the role of a championship mascot. It is for the fans – and now with the fans - and shall symbolize and visualize all the positive feelings that surrounds handball and not least, that we want this world championship and our mascot to STAND OUT.

Sign up here before January 10th to enter the competition:

The competition starts at January 10th and ends at January 17th

Note: You must be 18 years or older to participate in the competition.