20. Jan. 2019 21:45

Japan - Angola 29:32 (14:15)

In the first match this Sunday afternoon, Japan and Angola played for 23rd place as both teams had lost their matches yesterday, Angola to Saudi Arabia and Japan to Korea.

Japan got the two first goals of the game both scored by Jin Watanabe, but Angola took control in the following minutes, scoring two consecutive goals and thus levelling the game at 2:2.

After 5 minutes of play, both teams had scored three goals and received a two-minute suspension.
Angola’s Rome Hebo gave his team their first lead by scoring his 28th goal of the championship. 30 seconds later Japan got a penalty and equalised at 4:4.

The first ten minutes of the game were an even affair and neither of the sides managed to take a lasting lead. The score was 5:5.

The next ten minutes were intense with many missed chances by both teams, which meant that the score was still even. We had to wait until minute 20 before one of the sides – Japan – got a two-goal lead (11:9). This goal was scored by Jin Watanabe. But in the end, it was Angola who took a one-goal lead into the half-time break.

Within the first 5 minutes of the second half Japan equalised the score: 17:17. But with the help of the Angolan defensive line, the African team managed to take control and build a stable lead. The score was 17:20 in the 8th minute of the second half.

The Japanese team did not lose their hope, and by the help of their goalkeeper Sasaki they stayed in the game. But as the second half progressed, Angola increased their lead to a four-goal difference which proved too big for the opposition. Angola’s goalkeeper, Giovany Muachissengue, did a good job keeping Japan from scoring several times. After 17 minutes the score was 25:21 to Angola.

Angola kept control of the last 10 minutes of the match and even though Japan cut some of the lead it was not enough. Angola won 32:29.

This means that the Tokyo 2020 Olympic hosts finish 24th, while Angola claimed 23rd.

hummel Player of the Match: Rome Hebo (ANG)

Statements after the match

Filipe De Carvalho Cruz, Angola coach: First of all, thank you to Japan. Secondly, we have been very happy to play in this championship. It has been a good tournament. We look forward to come back to the next World Cup.

Dagur Sigurdsson, Japan Coach: Congratulation to Angola. We are disappointed, we came here as number 24 on a wildcard. And we leave as number 24. But we know what to do from hereon. We are on a mission and we look forward to the next World Cup.

Rome Hebo, Angola: Today’s result was very positive for us. We have the goal to always be better, so we followed the words of our coach.

Tetsuya Kadoyama, Japan: I have played in Denmark and was happy to play here again. It was a tough match for us. They had many good shooters, and we needed a harder defence. We can’t and won’t stop, we have a big event in 2020 so we will continue to improve.

FYR Macedonia vs Chile 32:30 (16:16)

FYR Macedonia ensured they finished exactly in the same world championship spot as last time around, beating Chile 32:30 in the 15/16 placement match to repeat their 15th-place rank from France 2017.

While it is always good to end on a win, Macedonia’s coach Raul Gonzalez has repeatedly rued the missed chances his team had in the preliminary round to qualify through to the main round, but having lost their previous four matches, the result today represented a job seen through to the end.

However, for Chile, their 16th place finish is their best-ever at a senior men’s world championship in five attempts, having previously finished 22nd, 23rd, 23rd and 21st.

With a two-goal lead (16:14) just before the break, thanks to best player of the match Erwin Feuchtmann scoring the majority of his match total of nine goals, Chile looked to be going into a strong position at half-time, but Macedonia’s Dejan Manaskov had other ideas, scoring a quick double to bring it even (16:16)

Unfortunately for the South Americans, the Europeans came out quick in the second half, going 21:18 up inside the first 10 minutes, prompting a Chilean time-out – and a massive resurgence as the next 10 minutes saw an 8:3 run to again put them two ahead (26:24 – 50th minute) – with a highlight full length strike from goalkeeper Felipe Garcia prompting wild celebrations from the Chilean bench.

But the celebrations were premature and a team with Kiril Lazarov in should never be written off. So it proved as he struck with a deadly trio of goals to put his side in front again (27:26 – 52nd minute) as the 9,473 fans inside the LANXESS arena – split between both teams – sensed an exciting finale.

With a two goal difference soon after (28:26), Chile nearly came back level one more time, but a rebounded shot at 28:27 saw Sebastian Pavez desperately stretch to grab the loose ball, only to see it go out and back into the possession of the Macedonians with Manaskov gleefully slotting home to make it 29:27. When Feuchtmann saw his seven-metre shot saved (31:29) with just over one minute remaining, him, and his team – dejected on the bench – knew their fight was lost.

And like the dual hosts of the 26th IHF Men’s World Championship, the game saw dual nations with the whistle too – as Arthur Brunner from Switzerland and Montenegrin Milos Raznatovic joined forces to referee.

hummel Best Player of the Match: Erwin FEUCHTMANN (CHI)

Statements after the match:

Raul GONZALEZ – Coach, FYR Macedonia: We are not happy because we wanted to pass through to the main round here. In the second half they were better than us, but we won, and our defence was very strong as usual. They were prepared very well for this match, played very fast and we had a lot of problems.

Mateo GARRALDA – Coach, Chile: We had a little opportunity to win today but we made a lot of mistakes from six metres and the Macedonian goalkeeper saved a lot. In offence we played very well, smart, fast, taking risks. We have to fight, be more concentrated, and be better to become a better team.

Milan LAZAREVSKI – Player, FYR Macedonia: It was a very intense match today. It was very hard. Both sides were trying very hard, both sides were successful in terms of goalscoring and we saw a lot of goals. We won in the end and we deserved it. In our attack we were really good with diversity, from the line, the right back, the left wing. We were helped by our goalkeeper which is also good thing and we won our last game. We hoped to pass the group stage, but we have to go on and to be happy with today’s game.

Erwin FEUCHTMANN – Player, Chile: I think we played a beautiful game with a good show. It is a good feeling which we have now because we created history, we made the best position in the Chilean championship history, but we could have won today. Personally, I am very sad because I missed an important seven-metre, and this is a weird feeling. Thanks to everybody, thanks to Cologne. They cheered us like we were in Chile. And this is something what we did not expect. So, thank you to everybody.


Korea - Saudi Arabia 26:27 (14:13)

The second match of this last match day in Copenhagen was a match between yesterday’s winners: Korea and Saudi Arabia. The teams were playing for 21st position in the World Championship.

Jeong from Korea scored the first goal of the match. Alabas from Saudi Arabia equalised after a save of the Saudi goalkeeper, who had a good start to the game. Seconds later Saudi Arabia received their first two-minute suspension, which lead to a goal from Korea. The score was 2:1.

After the first 15 minutes of the game, the score was 7:5. Saudi Arabia got their second two-minute suspension and shortly after Korea received their first. The Saudis did not manage to convert the suspension into a goal in their first attack but succeeded seconds later. Afterwards the Koreans called for the first time-out. In their first attack after the time-out, Korea scored a great in-flight goal after a well-played attack. Their left wing faked a shot and instead played the ball to a teammate, who caught the ball midair and scored.

In the 18th minute, the match clock was paused as Alsaffar from Saudi Arabia had to be taken to the dressing room to be treated for an injury. The score was 9:7. After 20 minutes of play Korea scored on a penalty which gave them a four-goal lead.

Saudi Arabia fought their way back into the match, and after 23 minutes they had the chance to equalise when they were awarded a penalty. Unfortunately for the team they missed the chance. Two minutes later, the Saudis were again award with a chance from the penalty spot which they converted to a goal. The score was level at 11:11.

The Korean goalkeeper Jaeyong Park had a great first half with several saves. The first half concluded with the score 14:13 for Korea.

Park started the second half with a save. At the other end of the court Korea was awarded a penalty. However, Taehun Jo missed the opportunity to put his side ahead with two goals. Instead, Saudi Arabia levelled the game on the following attack.

After 5 minute of play goalkeeper Park made another save that led to Korea scoring on a fast break. In the following attack, Park made yet another save and all of a sudden Korea had a three-goal lead. The score was 18:15.

Midway through the second half Saudi Arabia once again fought their way back, by first reducing the gap to only one goal, then equalising and last but not least putting themselves ahead by one goal.
After this, Saudi Arabia received a two-minute suspension for their number 18, Alsalem. This did not stop the Saudis from increasing their lead. After 17 minutes of play they brought themselves ahead by two goals.

The Korean goalkeeper Park was a joy to watch. When the Korea team needed him the most, he delivered three consecutive saves. With eight minutes left to play Korea levelled at 22:22.

With three minutes left, the score was 25:25 and the last couple of minutes brought some intense attacks where both teams struggled to close the match. Korea called for a time-out with only 44 seconds left on the clock. The game ended with an interception from Saudi Arabia that lead to the final goal of the game.

Saudi Arabia won, thus claiming 21st place.

hummel Player of the Match: Suyoung Jung (COR)

Statements after the match

Boris Denic, Saudi Arabia coach: Congratulation to both teams for a fair and correct game. It was an interesting game where both teams showed great strength. We had to do some changes as Korea had the lead the most of the game. Korea did not have an answer when we changed our defence, this gave us the win. We were not the better team, we were the luckier team.

Young Cho, Korea Coach: Congratulation to Saudi. We had a tough game yesterday that left a lot of players in a bad condition.

Alabas Mohammed, Saudi Arabia: We changed our mentality during this tournament in the last couple of games, we became much stronger mentally. We will meet Korea again in the Asian game and I look forward to this.

Suyoung Jung, Korea: We did well in the first half, but we lost concentration in the second half. I will try my best to win next time we meet Saudi Arabia.

The 2015 World Championship runners-up Qatar ended a disappointing Germany/Denmark 2019 campaign with a win in the President’s Cup to claim 13th, beating Russia by six goals.


Russia vs Qatar 28:34 (14:17)

Qatar coach Valero Rivera admitted in the post-match media conference that the President’s Cup was not his sides’ goal for Germany/Denmark 2019 but revealed that the path his side went down had an unexpected positive ending.

“We made big mistakes in the preliminary round,” he said, “but after the group stage the team showed that they are a ‘team’ in these two matches here in Cologne.”

His Qatari team started slowly against Russia, down 2:0 in the opening two minutes, but thanks to three straight goals from the eventual best player of the match, Youssef Ali, they took the lead (3:2 – eighth minute) and never looked back for the remainder of the match.

Leading by three at half-time, they doubled the lead by the end of the game to six (34:28) as both Ali and Frankis Marko ended with eight goals each, with both teams also seeing a player shown red after three two-minute suspensions, with Russia’s Maksim Mikhalin going to the spectator seats in the 41st minute and then five minutes later Wajdi Sinen joining him (46th minute).

Following the final buzzer, Qatar were presented with the President’s Cup on court by IHF President Dr Hassan Moustafa.

hummel Best Player of the Match: Youssef ALI (QAT)

Statements after the match:

Valero RIVERA – Coach, Qatar: I am happy how the team played in defence and attack yesterday and today. We were the better team in both matches and we shall learn from our mistakes and do better next time.

Dejan PERIC – Assistant Coach, Russia: This result was very clear because they were the better team and they wanted this victory more than us. I think in every championship it is important from the start until the final match. The President’s Cup for us was important as a game for a medal. We had respect because Qatar was being the second best team in the world, so it was a motivation for our young players to give their maximum for the victory of this match.

It was also a big learning experience for us, and I think in the future. If we play in a semi-final in a such tournament we must play without these big ups and downs during the competition. One more time, congratulations to Valero, to the team of Qatar, all the best for the future, for life. Our team is in a good way, but we must analyse this and do it better than this match.

Moustafa HEIBA – Player, Qatar: First of all, I am very happy today because we won this match which was very important for us. As a team we wanted to finish this championship very well. All big teams get sick but never die. We learned a lot from our mistakes.

Vitaly KOMOGOROV – Player, Russia: Big thanks to Qatar for this match and to the German organisation of this tournament, it was very great. I do not know why we lost today.

Bahrain – Austria 27:29 (17:17)

The seventh match of the President’s Cup was a match between Bahrain and Austria. The 19th spot were at stake for the winning team.

Both team scored within the first two minutes of the game. And in general, the teams followed each other all the way through the first five minutes. 2:2. Both nations also received a 2-minutes suspension each.

Within the first ten minutes of the match the lead in the game kept changing between the teams. Neither of the them had more than a one goal lead until Sebastian Frimmel scored in an empty goal which made the score line 5:7. Bahrain managed to take back the control and equalize.

At the halfway marker in the first half Austria again took the lead and at the same time both teams received an 2-minutes suspension. Austria took advantaged of Bahrain’s empty goal twice when Bilyk and Frimmel both scored from behind the line. 7:10.

In overall the first half was characterized by a lot of 2-minutes suspension. With two minutes left of the first 30 minutes, Mohamed Habib from Bahrain scored on a penalty and in the following attack Austria missed the chance to score, which gave the Arabian team a chance to equalize. With only 3 seconds left on the clock Bahrain scored. 17:17 at halftime.

Bahrain took the lead within the first minute of the second half followed by a save from their goalkeeper Husain Mahfoodh. Thomas Bauer in the Austrian team mimicked his Bahraini colleague in the subsequent attack. The “goalkeeper show” continued as Mahfoodh saved a penalty that could otherwise have equaled the score. In the other end Bauer used the edge of his foot to keep Bahrain from expanding the lead.

More than once Thomas Bauer had the crowd applauding. He received the greatest ovation when he managed to run from the bench and save a shot that would otherwise have gone into an empty goal.

After ten minutes of play in the second half the score was 19:22. This made Bahrain call for a time-out. After the time-out Bahrain’s number 18 Ahmed Jalal scored with a cheeky lop to bring his side within one goal of Austria.

With ten minutes left Thomas Bauer yet again kept Bahrain from equalizing and in the other end Mahfoodh kept Austria from getting a 2-goal lead. 24:25.
Two successive attacks and a penalty from Bahrain altered the score and suddenly they found themselves leading by two goals with only eight minutes left of the game. 27:25.

Thomas Bauer came up with an important save at the minute 24 which gave Austria the possibility to even out the score. Janko Bozovic got the goal for Austria and the score was 27:27. From now on Austria never looked back, and the Europeans took the win.

Austria gets the 19th spot and Bahrain takes 20th.

hummel best player of the match: Robert Weber (AUT)

Statements after the match

Patrekur Jóhannesson, Austria coach: “ I knew it would be a difficult game and we all saw how important our goal keeper was. We have to work hard from now on to do better, it was not a great championship for us.”.

Aron Kristjansson, Bahrain Coach: “We are satisfied with the performance today. We played well in the attack and many players did a good job. After the game yesterday were our first goal keeper was injured. Luckily, we had a young goal keeper who was ready to take over. “.

Sebastian Frimmel, Austria: “It was a good fight from Bahrain, but Thomas Bauer did a very big difference for us. We will have to work hard to get a better result next year. “.

Mahfoodh Husain, Bahrain: “We are happy about what we achieved in this tournament. We tried to get the 19th position but it did not happen. “


Serbia - Argentina 28:30 (15:13)

The final game of the tournament in Copenhagen was a match between Serbia and Argentina.Both nations were striving for the 17th spot in the championship.

The teams had a nervous start to the game, which meant that the score was still 0:1 after 6 minutes of play. Ilic and Kukic scored the first two goals for Serbia and Fernandez and Crivelli did the same for Argentina. The most prominent players during the first ten minutes were the goalkeepers who kept the score low at 2:3.

After this the game picked up a bit of pace and Serbia got a two-goal lead towards the 15-minute mark of the half. In the same minute Argentina missed a penalty and the Serbia team were quick to punish the mistake: 6:3. At the score 7:3 Argentina called a time-out. After the time-out, the teams became more even, and the Serbian lead was cut down to only one goal.

In minute 20, Argentina was awarded a penalty which they used to even out the score, 8:8. With seven minutes remaining of the half, Marsenic from Serbia had been presented with a yellow card while Moscariello and Fischer from Argentina also both had one.

Towards the end of the first 30 minutes, the goals came at a faster pace and Serbia were able to take a three-goal lead with only 3 minutes left to play. A save from Schulz and a goal from Crivelli cut the Serbian lead down to only one goal, but a late goal from Radivojevic meant that the score was 15:13 as the first half ended.

Not much changed during the first minutes of the second half, as Serbia and Argentina scored an equal amount of goals. Serbia kept a two-goal lead well into the half, but the South Americans kept a hold of their opponents by not giving up.

Halfway through the second half Argentina finally managed to equalise with a penalty scored by number 2, Fernandez. In minute 16, the referees called for the video proof to decide whether Martinez from Argentina should be penalised with a two-minute suspension. Martinez received a suspension and the match went on.

Towards the 20-minute mark of the second half, Serbia had yet again a two-goal lead. This lead was eliminated by Juan Fernandez when he scored his third goal of the game. With eight minutes left to play Argentina took the lead for the first time by converting a penalty to a goal. 24:25. Serbia was ruthless and within 1 minute they both equalised and took the lead.

With four minutes remaining of both the game and the World Cup in Copenhagen Serbia were ahead by two goals 28:26. Frederick Fernandez scored his ninth goal of the game bringing him to a total of 33 goals in the tournament and the Serbian lead down to only one goal.

In the 27th minute, Crivelli from Argentina levelled the score and 30 seconds later, Baronetto put Argentina in front: 29:28. This made Serbia call for a time-out but with little effect as Argentina could enhance the lead with one more goal.

The game ended with an Argentinian 30:28 win. The South Americans therefore take rank number 17 and Serbia finish 18th.

­­hummel Player of the Match: Manuel Crivelli (ARG)

Statements after the match

Manolo Cadenas, Argentian Coach: Most teams are really tired by now, but both teams played really well tonight. Serbia dominated the game except the last part, where we took control. Congratulation to Nenad he brought many young players to the tournament, well done.

Nenad Perunicic, Serbian coach: The injury in the first half influenced the entire match. We missed him throughout the match. We had a good defence and our goal keeper had some god saves but still our immatureness and nerves contributed to us not going into the next round. The Argentinian team used this against us and played safer than us during the last part of the game. They deserved the win.

Manuel Crivelli, Argentina: It was a really tough match as both teams were very tired. It was a goal by goal match and I am happy that we took the win.

Vladimir Cupara, Serbia: First of all, a congratulations to Argentina. We are a young team with a great future ahead of us.